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Laurel Engineer Constructs $10,062 Keno Win

8 spot ticket purchased in Suitland delivers big prize (Baltimore) – Ronald Middleton is riding an impressive lucky streak playing Keno, having just claimed his fourth big prize of 2016. The Maryland Lottery monitor-style game, which is his favorite, just gave the Laurel man a $10,062 prize! The engineer was stuck in traffic on the […]

Keno Sprinkler Floods Pennsylvania Player with Cash

Takes home $12,096 prize onMaryland Lottery monitor game (Baltimore) – A Pennsylvania numbers lover has plenty of cash to count after a Keno Sprinkler win tripled his prize to $12,096. “I just really like numbers,” said the 55-year-old web programmer. “Keno is my favorite game.” He played a 10-spot Keno to Go Quick Pick ticket […]

Family Birthdates Lead to $10,000 Keno Win

Family birthdays lead to $10,000 Keno win for this Laurel man! Laurel man plays Lottery game on a whim Carlos Jimenez has always been pretty lucky when it comes to winning small Maryland Lottery prizes. He’s claimed quite a few prizes totaling several hundred dollars and even won $1,000 on a bingo scratch-off. Nothing prepared […]

Keno Sprinkler Promotion: August 1 through September 5

Keno Sprinkler gives you the chance to multiply your winnings! Check your Keno ticket for the DOUBLER or TRIPLER message (see below) and when your numbers come in, you’ll win 2x or 3x the prize! This promotion will run from Monday, August 1 through Monday, September 5       For more information on Keno, click here. […]

Family to Benefit from Baltimore Woman’s Keno Win

Retired state employee claims $12,500 prize      A combination of family birthdays and significant calendar dates added up to a $12,500 Keno win for a 76-year-old Baltimore woman this week. The mother of three, who plays several times a week, chose this past Saturday as one of those times and is still giddy about the […]

Pennsylvania Pair Finds Keno Prize at Parkton Party Venue

This happy Pennsylvania couple won $10,020 playing Keno at a friend’s birthday gathering in Parkton. Birthday celebration leads to lucky game A trip across the state line to attend a friend’s 50th birthday celebration in Parkton put a York, Pa., couple in the right place at the right time to win a $10,020 Keno prize. […]

Instant Keno Scratch-off Gives Keno Fan a Huge Win

Kindergarten teacher finds game’s $30,000 top prize A Kensington man who is a big fan of the Maryland Lottery’s Keno game bought the instant ticket version while grocery shopping and bagged its $30,000 top prize. The kindergarten teacher at a private day care center said he doesn’t often play scratch-offs. However, the store where he […]

Keno Delivers Bittersweet $30,000 Win to Glen Burnie Player

Daughter finds Lottery luck playing her late father’s favorite game A 42-year-old Glen Burnie woman received a bittersweet $30,000 Keno win a day after her father passed away and only days before Father’s Day. The cosmetologist told Maryland Lottery officials that she was feeling very down after her 72-year-old dad’s death the previous day. To […]

Keno Doubler Promotion Delivers $50,010 Lottery Prize

D.C. resident wins big at popular Prince George’s County retailer A Washington, D.C., resident who had been wishing for some extra spending money got exactly what she was looking for, thanks to a lucky Keno ticket that delivered a $50,010 prize on May 29. The 42-year-old and her dad were enjoying a bite to eat […]

Brother’s Help Gives Big Sis a $32,024 Keno Win

Salisbury resident finds luck with 10-Spot bet A 58-year-old Salisbury woman has her adult “little” brother to thank – and tease – for years to come about an enriching round of Keno games they played together in May. She won $32,024 on a 10-Spot ticket by following her brother’s suggestions. Meanwhile, he walked away with […]