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Grandparents’ Numbers Give Carpenter a $10,000 Keno Win

Baltimore man finds luck playing birth dates, grandmother’s age A southeast Baltimore carpenter hanging out with his grandpa at a Lottery retailer in Dundalk decided the time had come for a change in his Keno strategy. After experiencing a lack of Lottery luck, the 26-year-old used personal numbers on his 8-spot ticket. The lucky grandson […]

Racetrax Fan Switches Games, Wins Big on Keno

Racetrax fan Theresa Poke found a $12,000 prize when she switched to a game of Keno.  Baltimore player takes home $12,000 prize Theresa Poke of Baltimore is well known for her passion for playing the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game but it took a switch to Keno for her to win $12,000! The 45-year-old found her Lottery […]

Germantown Couple Headed To Aruba with Big Keno Win

‘Lottery regulars’ hit all seven numbers on a 7 spot ticket for $25,008 prize A lucky couple who described themselves as “Lottery regulars” are eagerly preparing for their Aruba vacation with more spending money than originally planned, thanks to a $25,008 Keno win on a 7-spot ticket. The Germantown residents, who are both government employees, […]

Monkton Resident Turns Love of Orioles Into $10,010 Keno Win

Plays 8 spot ticket packed with 8s to win prize A diehard Baltimore Orioles fan who arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters adorned in Orioles bling pointed to her love of the baseball team as the reason she played eight numbers with an 8 in them on a Keno ticket. And those lucky O’s numbers won […]

Lucky Baltimore Nurse in Uncharted Waters over Big Keno Win

Plans to spend $10,000 prize toward boat purchase A nurse from Baltimore who enjoys crabbing and fishing in her spare time plans to start shopping for a boat now that she’s won $10,000 playing Keno. The 50-year-old found her lucky ticket when she stopped at Cheema Brothers BP in Baltimore to buy gas. While there, […]

Keno-Playing Waiter Served Surprise Dish of Lottery Green

Claims $12,500 prize from 9 spot game A 25-year-old Pasadena waiter turned his break into an unexpected $12,500 Maryland Lottery payday and all it took was Lottery luck and one 9 spot game of Keno. The lucky Baltimore resident works at The Greene Turtle in Pasadena. During his break, the loyal player asked a co-worker […]

Keno-Playing Car Salesman Drives Away As Lottery Winner

Car salesman James Moskos of Towson enjoyed a king-size Keno win of $20,012 Towson diner wins $20,012 as fellow patrons cheer him on Car salesman James Moskos of Towson parlayed a lingering lucky feeling into a king-size Keno win at a restaurant where he was dining with friends. The happy man drove home as a […]

Laurel Engineer Constructs $10,062 Keno Win

8 spot ticket purchased in Suitland delivers big prize (Baltimore) – Ronald Middleton is riding an impressive lucky streak playing Keno, having just claimed his fourth big prize of 2016. The Maryland Lottery monitor-style game, which is his favorite, just gave the Laurel man a $10,062 prize! The engineer was stuck in traffic on the […]

Keno Sprinkler Floods Pennsylvania Player with Cash

Takes home $12,096 prize onMaryland Lottery monitor game (Baltimore) – A Pennsylvania numbers lover has plenty of cash to count after a Keno Sprinkler win tripled his prize to $12,096. “I just really like numbers,” said the 55-year-old web programmer. “Keno is my favorite game.” He played a 10-spot Keno to Go Quick Pick ticket […]

Family Birthdates Lead to $10,000 Keno Win

Family birthdays lead to $10,000 Keno win for this Laurel man! Laurel man plays Lottery game on a whim Carlos Jimenez has always been pretty lucky when it comes to winning small Maryland Lottery prizes. He’s claimed quite a few prizes totaling several hundred dollars and even won $1,000 on a bingo scratch-off. Nothing prepared […]