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Favorite Keno Numbers Pay Off for Montgomery County Man

$40,000 win will fund family trip A Germantown gent who stopped by Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim a $40,000 Keno prize confessed that he missed his lucky game. The 68-year-old didn’t see more and more of his Keno numbers pop up or experience the thrill of watching the dollars pile up because he was focused […]

Keeping Keno Numbers All in the Family Leads to Major Win

Frederick County Pair Hits for $18,000 An engaged Brunswick couple certainly selected the winning combination of family members’ birthdays to play for three rounds of the Maryland Lottery’s popular Keno game. Their decision to keep the numbers all in the family led to an $18,000 prize! “We’d bought the ticket earlier on the way home […]

Grandparents’ Numbers Give Carpenter a $10,000 Keno Win

Baltimore man finds luck playing birth dates, grandmother’s age A southeast Baltimore carpenter hanging out with his grandpa at a Lottery retailer in Dundalk decided the time had come for a change in his Keno strategy. After experiencing a lack of Lottery luck, the 26-year-old used personal numbers on his 8-spot ticket. The lucky grandson […]

Random Numbers Give Player a $10,016 Keno Prize

Winner finds his Lottery luck in Middle River Visiting a friend who works at a Middle River establishment to unwind and play a few games of Keno on his day off gave a Baltimore man an unexpected payday. Thanks to Lottery luck, he walked away a $10,016 winner! The 55-year-old dropped by Captain’s Sports Bar […]

Lucky Numbers Win Twice for Keno Player – 12 Years Apart

$100,000 Win Wednesday, $125,000 in 1999

Keno Friends Share $20,022 Prize

Last-minute decision to play leads to big win After returning from vacation, a Rosedale woman and her husband decided to grab dinner at Tempo Lounge in Essex. She decided to play a few games of Keno, using birthdays and a couple of other special numbers. As she was filling out the playslip, a friend who […]

Keno Sprinkler Promotion: November 28 through January 1

Keno Sprinkler gives you the chance to multiply your winnings! Check your Keno tickets for the DOUBLER or TRIPLER message (see below) and if your numbers come in, you’ll win 2x or 3x the prize! This promotion will run from Monday, November 28 through Sunday, January 1.       For more information on Keno, […]

Nurse Practitioner Enjoys Side Effects of $16,000 Keno Win

Nurse practitioner Debra Smith of Severna Park won $16,000 playing Keno. Plays birth dates of daughter and dogs A lucky nurse practitioner discovered her weekly Keno fun could lead to side effects like shortness of breath, perspiration and seeing dollar signs. Debra Smith of Severna Park experienced all that and more after a heart-fluttering $16,000 […]

Waterproofing Consultant Keeps Keno Wins Flowing

William Snyder of Catonsville claims his $10,500 Keno prize. Catonsville resident claims $10,500 prize on $20 ticket A Catonsville waterproofing consultant who spends his days helping others dry up basements and buildings is pleased he hasn’t dried up his Keno luck! William Snyder just claimed a $10,500 prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on […]

Family Birthdays and Number 7 Bring Big Keno Win

Harford County couple takes home $10,018 A Bel Air family was enjoying lunch Saturday at a local restaurant when Lottery luck shined on their gathering. The wife decided to play a few games of Keno and they left with a $10,018 prize. “I normally play family birthdays, but my mom suggested I add some 7s […]