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Parkville Legal Secretary Happy with Winning Lottery Verdict

Doubler promotion leads to $100,000 taxes paid Bonus Match 5 prize A Parkville legal secretary is among loyal supporters of the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game who enjoy its popular Doubler and taxes-paid promotions. She’s played the game for years, always hoping for one big win. “I get a multi-day Bonus Match 5 ticket […]

Lottery Prize Helps College Grad Erase Student Loan Debt

Wins $30,000 top prize on Rainbow Blackout Bingo scratch-off A 27-year-old recent college graduate who is working as a waitress can pay off her student loans and set up a college fund for her son, thanks to her $30,000 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Rainbow Blackout Bingo game. She also can thank a store clerk […]

Show Me the Money? Maryland Lottery Says Yes to Gaithersburg Man

Claims $50,000 top prize on Show Me the Money scratch-off A Gaithersburg man arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore hoping his Show Me the Money scratch-off would get the staff to do just that – and they did! The Montgomery County resident won the $50,000 top prize on the $5 instant ticket he bought […]

Coffee Stop Turns Into Big Lottery Win for Harford County Man

Forest Hill resident captures a top prize in 10x Cash scratch-off game After a long day at work, a Forest Hill man made a quick stop for a cup of coffee. He ended up with that and $10,000. The 59-year-old contractor from Harford County had ventured into Royal Farms #66 at 9600 Pulaski Highway in […]

Army-Bound Baltimore Man Wins $10,000 Lottery Send-off

Clothes shopping, a celebration and Army basic training are in the future for Donald Stewart of Baltimore, who won the $10,000 top prize on the 10x Cash scratch-off. Claims top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off Lady Luck gave U.S. Army enlistee Ronald Stewart of Baltimore a wonderful going-away gift – a $10,000 top prize on […]

Lottery Win Ensures Rainy Day Fund for Insurance Agent

Severna Park woman claims $50,000 scratch-off prize Even after completing the paperwork required to claim her $50,000 windfall, a Severna Park winner still had trouble believing that she had, in fact, won the top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Diamonds & Dollars scratch-off. “When I scratched it last night, I was sure it was a […]

Happy Truck Driver Hauls Away Hefty Load of Lottery Cash

Anne Arundel County man wins $50,032 prize on Bonus Match 5 game A tractor-trailer truck driver of 50 years may hang up his keys and retire sooner than expected, thanks to his top-prize, all-taxes-paid $50,032 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game. The lucky Anne Arundel County resident is an avid player who […]

Three $1 Million Maryland Lottery Prizes Remain Unclaimed

Powerball players — check your tickets! Not one, not two, but three $1 million second-tier Powerball tickets are unclaimed in Maryland. The tickets are from the following draw dates and locations: Howard County March 28, 2015: Weis Market at 10825 Birmingham Way in Woodstock, MD 21163 Feb. 25, 2015: Richburn Liquors at 6030 Foreland Garth […]

‘Lucky Charm’ Cousin Key to $50,000 Lottery Scratch-off Win

Baltimore woman claims top prize on Deluxe Cash Crossword A lucky Baltimore woman who experienced the thrill of a $50,000 Lottery crossword scratch-off win is crediting her “lucky charm” of a cousin for helping her choose a winner. The 47-year-old won the top prize on the $5 Deluxe Cash Crossword scratch-off. The woman with a […]

Change of Plans Leads to Lottery Green For Salisbury Woman

Happy Joann Jones of Salisbury enjoyed her first big Lottery win, a $10,000 top prize on the Deluxe Cash Crossword scratch-off. Claims $10,000 Deluxe Cash Crossword prize Joann Jones and her friend Roy had plans to go to a movie one night last week, but decided to go to dinner instead. Thanks to that change […]