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Prayer for a Lottery Birthday Blessing Answered 100,000 Times

Bowie woman wins $100,000 Powerball prize A Bowie woman who was praying for a Powerball win for her 62nd birthday saw her big day come and go with nary a Lottery blessing in sight. Not losing hope, she kept playing four games of Powerball with the Power Play option for each drawing, week after week. […]

Mt. Airy Drag Car Racer Takes Maryland Lottery’s Checkered Flag

Mt. Airy’s Joseph Harrison Jr. celebrates a $10,000 win playing the 10x Cash game. Wins $10,000 top prize playing 10x Cash game Joseph Harrison Jr. is a mechanic for a county school system Mondays through Fridays, a successful drag racer Saturdays and Sundays and, until recently, not a Maryland Lottery player. However, after years of […]

Lottery Excitement Ends Quiet Day Off for Medical Worker

Wins $50,000 playing $5 Ravens scratch-off A Temple Hills man who spends long hours in operating rooms assisting in trauma  surgery said he didn’t mind giving up the peace and quiet typical of his day off. The excitement of winning $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery Ravens scratch-off was worth it! “I was out running errands […]

Thoughts of Dad Help ‘Lucky Walmart Worker’ Find Lottery Luck

This “Lucky Walmart Worker” won a $50,000 top prize in the Oct. 16 Bonus Match 5 drawing. Parkville man wins $50,000 top prize on Bonus Match 5 game A Parkville man won the $50,000 top prize in the Oct. 16 Bonus Match 5 drawing after thoughts of his dad led him to play that daily […]

Lottery Luck Turns $10 Purchase into $50,000 Prize

Wheaton winner José Gonzalez-Martinez (left) and his friend Maises Cruz celebrate his $50,000 top-prize scratch-off win. Wheaton man wins top prize on Green Doubler scratch-off A $50,000 top-prize scratch-off win gave José Gonzalez-Martinez of Montgomery County a heart-stopping moment he won’t soon forget! While visiting the Silver Spring Gulf gas station, José purchased two $5 […]

Retired Nurse Charts Healthy $10,000 Lottery Win

Lucky Nana, aka Rhonda Nichols of Baltimore, celebrates her $10,000 scratch-off win. Finds lucky Royal Gems scratch-off A retired operating room nurse from Baltimore discovered the perfect cure to her ailing Lottery luck – a $10,000 winning Royal Gems scratch-off. Rhonda Nichols is a loyal Maryland Lottery player with top scratch-off wins of $2,500 and […]

Baltimore Woman Turns Small Lottery Winnings into $77,777 Prize

Wins top prize on new 7 scratch-off A 55-year-old Baltimore woman popped into the One Stop Mart in Baltimore on Tuesday to play a few Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and walked away a top-prize winner. She got into a winning routine as she played the new 7 scratch-off that went on sale Sept. 26. “I kept […]

Lucky Germantown Man Finds Third Big Lottery Prize

Keno delivers a $10,000 prize to Terry Smallwood of Germantown. Claims $10,000 Keno win Terry Smallwood of Germantown just renewed his big winner status with the Maryland Lottery, claiming a $10,000 Keno prize. The Montgomery County man found his lucky ticket at the Sugarloaf Wine Cellar in Germantown. He placed a $15 6-spot wager and, […]

Lottery Win Helps Car Salesman Buy New Set of Wheels

Down payment aided by $10,000 Monopoly scratch-off prize A car salesman who spends his work days helping others find a new set of wheels can start his own car-shopping adventure. The Laurel man just won $10,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Monopoly scratch-off. The 30-year-old visited Lottery headquarters to claim his prize on the $10 game […]

Maryland Lottery Players Set to “Train” with the Baltimore Ravens

Ravens second-chance prize winners will travel on team train to see game against New York Giants Six lucky Lottery winners and their guests will travel by train with the Baltimore Ravens when the team heads to New York to take on the Giants on Oct. 16. For the eighth consecutive year, the Maryland Lottery has […]