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Trio of Racetrax Horses Trot to Trifecta Win

Senior claims $35,313 prize with Trifecta bet A Baltimore woman’s trio of Racetrax horses thundered around the track for 10 races, giving her a win of $35,313 when they crossed the finish line in the exact order of her Trifecta bet. The retiree is not alone in finishing in big money this month by playing […]

Racetrax Horses Gallop to $14,712 Win for Baltimore Woman

  The Lottery’s Racetrax horses came through for this lucky Baltimore woman, who captured a $14,712 prize by placing an $18 Trifecta Box bet. Claims her second big Racetrax win If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! A Baltimore woman returned to the Racetrax winner’s circle to claim a $14,712 prize that […]

Poolesville Pub’s Ponies Deliver 2nd Big Racetrax Win

Poolesville resident William Lynch, who let Lady Luck take the reins, won $13,587 on a Racetrax Trifecta bet! Local man wins $13,587 on Trifecta bet Schmoogie Boogman, you did it again! Poolesville resident William Lynch, aka Schmoogie to his friends, was enjoying an evening out at Cuginis Restaurant & Bar in Poolesville when he made […]

Racetrax Horses Give Great-Grandma a Superfecta Surprise

Claims $32,607 Maryland Lottery prize for her two-race bet She’s not quite sure how she did it, but a Prince George’s County great-grandmother of eight picked the right four Maryland Lottery Racetrax horses to gallop across the finish line for her in December. She won $32,607! What was her strategy? How did she win? “By […]

Speedy Electronic Steeds Give Retiree a $22,135 Racetrax Win

Baltimore man surprised by Superfecta bet success Four speedy Racetrax horses gave a retired iron worker his first victorious ride into the Maryland Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge to celebrate his $22,135 win on a $1 bet. The Baltimore man bet $1 on 10 races that the 11, 12, 2 and 1 horses would finish in that […]

Maryland Lottery Racetrax Player Rides to $28,000 Win

Edgewood resident’s Superfecta bet pays off A $3 Superfecta Racetrax ticket had an Edgewood man jumping for joy when his horses placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in exact order to win $28,009 and send him to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize. The lucky fellow selected the numbers 7, 11, 3 […]

Harford County Couple Gallops to Major Racetrax Win

Harford County couple wins $10,765 at Half Pints in Bel Air Enjoy dinner and $10,765 prize A married Bel Air couple are still celebrating their recent date night to remember at their favorite hometown restaurant, where they enjoyed dinner, good company and a $10,765 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game! Their horses galloped to […]

Racetrax Rookie Rolling in Maryland Lottery Dough

Retired Fort Washington resident wins more than $44,000 A Fort Washington woman is the latest Maryland Lottery Racetrax player to hit it big with the computer-animated horse racing game, thanks to the Superfecta wager option. A Racetrax rookie, the retired beauty shop manager rarely plays Lottery games and let the machine quick pick horses 4, […]

Racetrax® $6 for $5 Promotion – Now through Sept 7

Loving the new Racetrax® bet types? Want even more reasons to play? Now until September 7, ANY Racetrax® purchase will receive a $1 discount! The maximum discount you can receive is $5 on any ticket valued at $30 or more. You will see “Congratulations! You just received $(X) off your Racetrax® wager!” on your ticket […]

Maryland Lottery Racetrax Novice Wins with Superfecta Bet

Electronic Ponies Charge to Fine Finish and $17,444 Win As her electronic ponies raced across the finish line in perfect order, a 21-year-old Saint Mary’s County woman couldn’t believe her good fortune. The novice Maryland Lottery Racetrax player won $17,444 by placing a Superfecta bet with Racetrax Bonus on her July 8 game. The ecstatic […]