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Traffic Jam Leads to $28,015 Racetrax Win for Silver Spring Couple

Chauncey and Jessie Cline of Silver Spring are all smiles, thanks to a Racetrax Superfecta $28,015 win! Superfecta Quick Pick bet delivers big prize Chauncey Cline told his wife, Jessie, that he would stop by the grocery store on his way home from work last Thursday, but then he hit a ton of traffic and […]

Friday the 13th Brings Biggest Personal Racetrax Win Ever

Lemuel Greene of Lanham won a $15,616.50 prize playing Racetrax. Lanham resident claims $15,616.50 prize To say that Lemuel Greene of Lanham is an avid Racetrax player might be a bit of an understatement. The 48-year-old UPS employee estimates that he’s won about $100,000 this year playing the Maryland Lottery’s computer-animated horse racing game, which […]

Retiree Wins Big Playing Racetrax

Pasadena resident takes home $26,272 prize after lucky Superfecta bet When a 67-year-old retired Pasadena man dropped in at Jimmy T’s Restaurant in Riviera Beach on Nov. 2, his plan was to enjoy a simple leisurely afternoon: Grab a late lunch, hang out with friends and play a few games of Racetrax. But he had […]

Goddaughter’s Birth Date Provides Winning Racetrax Numbers

Dundalk man finishes 10-game run with more than $16,000 If you’ve ever heard a little voice in your head telling you to try your luck at a certain Maryland Lottery game and you do and you win, then you know exactly how a Dundalk man felt when he tried his luck at Racetrax. He won […]

Racetrax Player Wins $10,000 Scratch-off Prize Between Races

Baltimore woman scores playing Gold Hard Cash scratch game They stopped by a Lottery retailer last week so he could play his favorite game, Pick 3, and lingered so she could enjoy her favorite, Racetrax. By the time they left, however, a Baltimore couple had a new Lottery game to love – Gold Hard Cash. […]

Two-Month Streak of Racetrax Superfecta Wins Going Strong

Latest $31,961 win is 8th big prize claimed at Lottery headquarters in two months The Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax players are on a two-month Superfecta winning streak, claiming eight major prizes since Sept. 1 from Superfecta, Superfecta Box and Superfecta Wheel bets! A 59-year-old Reisterstown man just claimed a $31,961 prize on a regular Superfecta wager. […]

Postal Worker’s Lucky Numbers Deliver $29,698 Racetrax Win

Superfecta Wheel bet brings his biggest prize ever Heads up, Perry Hall residents! If your U.S. Postal Service worker drives by with a big grin in coming weeks, ask if he just enjoyed his very own special delivery. The lucky man’s $34 Racetrax Superfecta Wheel bet delivered a $29,698.10 Maryland Lottery win! The Baltimore City […]

Damascus Woman Continues Lucky Streak with Racetrax Prize

Wins $13,941 on Superfecta Box wager A Montgomery County woman who won her first big prize a few months ago at a casino picked up the pace with $13,941 won on the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game. Over the past six months, the 70-year-old grandmother of seven has won $2,000, $6,400 and a cruise during her […]

Food Truck Promoter Super-sizes a Racetrax Superfecta Prize

Towson resident enjoys $22,187 win A Towson teen just got a major deposit into his college fund because the 19-year-old has a knack for virtual horseracing. The young player placed a Superfecta wager in the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game last week, winning $22,187 when each of his four horses crossed the finish line ahead of […]

Lucky Player Rides Winning Streak to Racetrax Prize

Baltimore man racking up wins in multiple games An avid Maryland Lottery player who loves playing Pick 4 is enjoying such a tremendous run of good luck that he’s winning no matter what game he chooses. In the last couple of weeks, the Baltimore man won $400 on Bonus Match 5 and $500 on a […]